Real life

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my mistakes eat at me n even though my sisters are here n i havent seen them in ten years i still can only think about u n im so sad n depressed cus i no its all my fault why do u think i broke that promise n want to die n idt u see that i love u so much n just want u happy n would die for u n do anything u are my heart beat n idw to live without u n i cant ur my rock that keeps me in place but i no that with my mistakes im nuthing to u no n i deserve it but i think it just may be too much to handle n it doesnt help im offically outta friends

Idk wats right

U make be better but i want wats best for u n i also want to do it cus idk if i give i wat u want n make u happy n if i dont… I dont wanta keep tryin n ruin ur happiness n i cant live without u n im tired of saying i can n trying not to cus i cant u are my rock but idk if u feel the same n i no u love me but idk if u want or can be with me n im worried, hurt, sad, confused, n lonely in a room of ppl… Idk wat to do

An hour?!… feels like its been waaaay longer fml I just wanta be alone but only cus I cant be with u n im so worried but don’t wanta say anything n make u mad idk wat to do n i dont want to bother u either cus i want u to have fun but be safe at the same time n i dont wanta push u away

on a side note sons was fuckin insane last night wat a great episode!!!

i just wanta tell this cunt off cus she always butts in to other peoples bis but ill do one better and sit there n watch her kids get taken away for being a horrible mom…lol karmas a bitch huh u got in my shit b4 u lost ur bf; now u did it again ur gunna lose ur kids; soon u wont have shit cus no one likes a dumb cunt…

next monday ill be on the road n out this bitch n i hope very bad thing happen to most of the ppl ill leave behind…

You make better when were together cus u n ur love are my biggest drug

Id do anything n I live for my angel